Team Vibes

Another amazing event to go down at Shenandoah Speedway! This year I did an abridged pilgrimage down to Team Vibes, only being able to shoot for Friday before I rushed back to Pittsburgh Saturday morning.

Despite having half the time at this event I still managed to reconnect with people I have not seen since the first Team Vibes held last year. The best part of Team Vibes can't be captured in an album, or a 4 minute highlight reel, it's the sense of community and love of drifting that makes us all drive hundreds of miles each year to be a part of it. I want to thank every team that showed me hospitality the short time I was there, it means the world to me.

As for the images, this is what I managed to capture from the first lap to shut down and everything in between. I know there is a lot but I think it's worth the 10 minutes to look through. As always I hope you all enjoy the images and share your favorites!

Thank you guys and as always, see you at the next one...


Team Vibes 2019