Final Bout

Gallery was a two-day drifting event held at USAIR Motorsports Raceway in the quaint town of Shawano Wisconsin. I have wanted to attend a Final Bout event for years and after a little bit of planning and the push from some friends I decided to make the several hundred-mile hike to USAIR. Once we arrived I immediately knew this event would be everything I had hoped for.

The weekend was filled with great driving and all around good times. Teams from across the country drove out to show off their builds and style, with Sexy Knights coming all the way from Japan. Each driver progressed over the weekend as they became more comfortable on the rollercoaster of a track they were drifting on. The biggest take away for me was the amount of effort and time put into making all of the cars seen in this album look as stylish as they do. Everyone’s push to create these amazing machines just to throw them at the wall with their friends is truly something to admire. 

I hope you all enjoy my album as much as I enjoyed creating it. As always please feel free to share my images and enjoy them in their full quality in the flickr gallery. I am sure I’ll be making the pilgrimage up to Shawano more often now that I’ve seen how special it is. See you all at the next one ✌


Final Bout: Gallery

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